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Al via il progetto Europeana Textual Collections

È partito il 1° settembre il progetto Europeana Textual Collections, che realizzerà nel portale europeo il canale tematico dedicato ai manoscritti, ai libri e ad altri materiali stampati: la biblioteca digitale europea accoglierà manoscritti medievali dal IV al XV secolo, libri stampati risalenti dagli inizi del XVI secolo alla fine del XIX secolo, riviste e

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DHN2019: Call for Hosts

With the next/third DHN conference being prepared for 7–9 March 2018 in Helsinki, the Board would like to invite DHN members and others interested in DH to submit proposals for hosting the 2019 conference. The DHN conferences in Oslo 2016 and Gothenburg 2017 were great successes and the forthcoming one in Helsinki promises to be just as stimulating and enjoyable. It

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DHN 2018

DI­GITAL HU­MAN­IT­IES IN THE NOR­DIC COUN­TRIES 3RD CON­FER­ENCE 7–9 MARCH 2018, HEL­SINKI The 3rd conference of the association of Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN) will be held at the University of Helsinki March 7–9, 2018. The conference is organised by HELDIG – the Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki, the Faculty of Arts. In 2018, the conference seeks

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PASIG 2017 Oxford Conference

11th September 2017 – 13th September 2017 Last Booking Date for this Event 8th September 2017 Description The Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) is dedicated to advancing the practice of digital preservation and archiving. It brings together practitioners, industry experts and researchers to share experience in a vendor-neutral forum on how to put preservation and archiving into practice, including: – guidelines,

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